Sunday, December 8, 2013

Back again!

Although our Sunflower record is still not officially released, the good news is that we now have a Nashville lineup together! Brett (Loblaws) is on vocals, Tom (Baby Calender) is drumming, and our new friend Jeremy (The Ueckers) will be playing bass. We hope to be playing live at some point in the next few months and could start recording new tracks in the summer or fall.

This year we recorded the soundtrack for a horror novella, The Horror Movie Society. Old fans will recognize an acoustic version of "Angela's Song" and the first full recording of Sally Stitches' "Jason's Gonna Get Me." The songs are all streaming here.

We've also done a few Christmas songs that will be available here soon.

Check out the new horror film Don't Go to the Reunion, which features "Dana is a Punk" and a Loblaws track.

Thanks to everyone who came to last week's acoustic show in New Orleans. We hope to have the whole band on stage soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We were a band...

The Robinsons were a pop-punk band in New Orleans from 2000-2007. This site should serve as a place to archive info about the band.

We recently recorded a new record, titled Sunflower.  We are hoping to have it released on vinyl and CD in late-2012 or early-2013.

Pictures, Video, Audio

YouTube - I Love You, But the Game is On/I Hate Sonic Records
I'm in Love with a Coffee & Company Girl - 2/27/06 (live mp3s)
2006 at The Republic - photos
2005 at Banks Street Warehouse - photos
2005 Plan-It-X Fest at the Big Top - photos

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2005 Plan-It-X Fest - Live New Orleans
Summer Fun - Riverside Reader |
Cool Down! Got It? - The Vox
Various Releases - Rusty Likes Music
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St. Bernard Picayune - September 2001 | August 2002


  • Sunflower vinyl/CD (2012 or 2013)

  •  Plural Not Possessive [repress, new cover] (March 2011, One Eye Records)

  • "Vanessa" 7-inch (2009, Killer Records)

Party! CD-R (March 2007)

Today! CD-R (October 2006)

Plural Not Possessive: There's No Apostrophe in Robinsons (August 2005, One Eye Records)

Play 'Til 6 CD-R (July 2002)

No Tents: Live in Baton Rouge CD-R (May 2002)

Why Don't They Rock A Little Harder CD-R (January 2002)

Summer Fun CD-R (January 2002)

Superdrag Tribute Project - "Sugar" (November 2001)

Cool Down! Got It? CD-R (May 2001)

Tattoos & Trophies, vol. 2 CD-R (January 2001)

Tattoos & Trophies, vol. 1 CD-R (June 2000)


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June 2006

June 2002

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