Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Party at Nebulon II - Now Available!

Our new album, Party at Nebulon II, is now available from Mooster Records. The album is a digital release and is totally free (just enter "0" for the price). This album was a great way to jump back into recording after a few years off while also playing some of our favorite songs, in addition to a few of our originals. It was recorded by Wyatt Funderburk (Loblaws, Second Saturday, Kurt Baker Band, and now master producer and solo artist) at his studio, Nebulon II.

Download the album and read the story at the Mooster Records bandcamp site!

If you've followed The Robinsons, you'll know that we recorded a Beach Boys-inspired Party! in the spring of 2007, just before Allen and I both left Louisiana. I put together a new lineup in Nashville, including Brett from Loblaws and Sally Stitches, and we recorded the Sunflower album in 2011. We were finally ready to start playing live again this year when Brett got the word that he'd be moving back to NOLA. So... we had another party!

Brett sings lead on most of these tracks, with me and Wyatt each singing a few as well. Other key party people include Mandy (Karmella's Game, plus a Queers tour or two!) and Donna (Robinsons, Soft Spots).

We hope you'll share this with friends. Be sure to tell Mooster Records thanks for helping us get this out. They rule.

In other news, the awesome Ramone to the Bone will soon be doing free digital re-releases of both the first Party! and Sunflower. We can't wait to get this music out to more people and to catch up with old friends at some shows this summer!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Acoustic Summer Shows

If you're in Tennessee, Mississippi, or Louisiana, come hang out this summer. Here's where we'll be:

June 27 | Nashville | The Well Coffee House w/ Endless Existence (7:00)

July 1 | Hattiesburg | Java Werks (6:00)

July 3 | Slidell | Counter Culture w/ 35 PSI, Chris F. Billiot, The Parish Takes Over... (5:30)

July 5 | New Orleans | Circle Bar w/ Richard Bates (8:00)

July 6 | New Orleans | Buffa's w/ Richard Bates, Sally Stitches Reunion (8:00)

For updated info, check here, our facebook site, and noladiy.org.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New album and summer acoustic shows

In a few weeks, we will be recording a new album: Party at Nebulon II. This is a sequel to our Party album from 2007 and will feature more live acoustic tracks recorded at a Robinsons party! The album will be available by July 1st as a free download through Mooster Records.

This summer we will be playing a few acoustic shows. For more info, check out the facebook event here.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Back again!

We're working on putting together a Nashville lineup. We hope to be playing live at some point soon and could start recording new tracks in the summer or fall.

This year we recorded the soundtrack for a horror novella, The Horror Movie Society. Old fans will recognize an acoustic version of "Angela's Song" and the first full recording of Sally Stitches' "Jason's Gonna Get Me." The songs are all streaming here.

We've also done a few Christmas songs that will be available here soon.

Check out the new horror film Don't Go to the Reunion, which features "Dana is a Punk" and a Loblaws track.

Thanks to everyone who came to last week's acoustic show in New Orleans. We hope to have the whole band on stage soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We were a band...

The Robinsons were a pop-punk band in New Orleans from 2000-2007. This site should serve as a place to archive info about the band.

We recently recorded a new record, titled Sunflower.  We are hoping to have it released on vinyl and CD in late-2012 or early-2013.

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